– Wendy Tucci Stafford

“Rodney is a true talent! He takes the time to hear what I want and has done successfully. When I had a brain tumor removed 6 months ago, I was so self-conscious of what my head/hair looked like. As soon as my staples were removed, I went to Rodney, who made me feel at ease instantly and cut my hair to allow it to not be noticeable. It was perfect. Now, again 6 months later, and all is good, I came to Rodney with a style I wanted and highlight my now newly grays. I so love my new hairstyle! I couldn’t be happier! The color is amazing and the cut is perfect! I have never had a stylist like him. I will never go to anyone else. Special occasion, or just because making an appointment with Rodney. You will be so happy you did! Thank you so much Rodney!!”